Preservatives for Household and Industrial Use

Highly effective and environmentally sound microbicides


Safe preservative for Household and Industrial & Institutional products

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Used In:

  • Preservation of household products
  • Laundry products
  • Liquid detergents
  • Cleaners and polishes
  • Raw materials and surfactants


  •  Rapid activity and long term protection of the finished product against a broad spectrum of microorganisms
  •  Effective across a wide range of pH 4 to 11
  •  Designed to be used at unusually low concentrations
  •  Contains no added formaldehyde, nitrites, nitrosamines or cationic, phenolic or corrosive substances
  •  Does not contribute to VOC or AOX of the finished product
  •  Readily incorporated into products due to its liquid form
  •  Excellent compatibility

Typical Properties

Appearance:  Colorless To Yellowish, Clear Liquid

Color:   3 Iso 4630-1 (Gardner)

Density:  1.1170 - 1.1370 G/Ml Iso 2811-3

pH:  4.5 6.5 In7463 Acm (10% Aqueous Solution)

Viscosity:  40 ± 25 mPa.s Iso 3219 (20°C)

Flash Point:  100°C Cleveland Iso 2592

Refractive Index:  1.4410 1.4510 Astm D 1218-02 (N20/D )


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