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Ensure that your FilmTec? and TapTec? reverse osmosis filters are genuine

For over 200 years, DuPont has been synonymous with life-changing discoveries and scientific know-how, reinventing ourselves along the way. We are taking the next step toward becoming the new DuPont, with Water Solutions’ FilmTec? and TapTec? brands of reverse osmosis (RO) elements — products that were formerly owned by Dow. The same advanced technology and innovative performance features that have made Water Solutions the world-class leader in water separation remain under the DuPont brand.

DuPont Water Solutions is a widely recognized provider of reverse osmosis (RO) products for residential drinking water, including our FilmTec? and TapTec? products. These products are built on more than 40 years of science and innovation, and undergo world-class quality and process checks to ensure that they are long-lasting and reliable. These products are certified by NSF for material requirements deemed safe for use in drinking-water applications.

A number of look-alike brands have emerged recently that can mislead customers into purchasing elements that are not genuine RO products from DuPont. Not only do these acts infringe upon DuPont’s proprietary rights, but counterfeit products are also typically produced with poor materials and safety standards, leading to potential harm to consumers and their health. 


How to tell if you have a genuine DuPont residential RO element

To help you confirm that you have purchased a genuine FilmTec? or TapTec? reverse osmosis filter, DuPont residential RO elements feature an anti-counterfeiting technology using a copy proof secure graphic QR code. Customers can scan the RO elements using their smartphones to confirm, in real-time, if their purchased products are genuine RO elements from DuPont.

On FilmTec? and TapTec? reverse osmosis filters, look for the following features indicating a genuine RO product:

1. Genuine RO product label with secure graphic and QR code.

  • Scan with the DuPont Home Water App, a general QR code reader (via common apps such as Apple iOS camera, Google Chrome browser, Facebook, Line), or through the DuPont Water WeChat official account to confirm authenticity. If you do not have access to a smartphone, please see below for SMS verification using your mobile phone.
  • Serial number is unique to each element.
Magnification of the secure graphic and QR code that is on upper right side of the label of a genuine FILMTEC? reverse osmosis element

2. Genuine FilmTec hologram printed on the product label.


3. Classic white-colored product water tubes.

Close-up of a genuine FILMTEC? reverse osmosis element's white-colored water tubes called out with blue arrows

Alternative SMS verification method

If you do not have access to a smartphone, SMS verification using a standard mobile phone to confirm product authenticity is an alternative.

1. Identify your local inquiry number for SMS verification.

If you do not see your location in the chart below, please contact DuPont by email at


SMS Inquiry Number
















SMS Inquiry Number











United Arab Emirates





2. Send the serial number printed on the element’s product label to your local inquiry number for SMS verification. The serial number is not case sensitive. Refer to the example product label below.

Close-up of a genuine FILMTEC? reverse osmosis element label with the serial number above a barcode circled in red and indicated by a red arrow

3. You will receive an automated response by SMS of the verification result of your product, indicating one of the following:

  • Verified RO product
  • Invalid serial number
  • Contact support

Compatible smartphones with the DuPont Home Water mobile app, as of Nov. 2019

The following smartphones have been tested and confirmed to scan and read the secure graphic located in the QR code on our residential RO elements. If your smartphone is not on the list, you may use a general QR code reader (via Apple iOS, Facebook, Google Chrome browser, Line, or other common apps) for product verification. Current list as of Nov. 2019.


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